Services: Mining


Mineral prospecting aims selective extraction of certain materials or mineral in Earth's crust in a profitably way. Depending on the extracted material it could be divided into mining of metallic and nonmetallic materials. Once the prospective phase has been covered, there follow a set of steps such as search and reserve estimation, feasibility assessment, construction, processing and marketing.

GEOX is at the forefront with regard to the initial stage of exploration and quantification of reserves through the application of geophysical methods to accurate guide reservoir characterization, reliably and with a very low environmental impact. Depending on the deposit depth and geometry, the feasibility of the application of any geophysical methods is studied, taking into account customer requirements, characteristics of the ore and data quality policies.

We are a company committed to the development of the exploitation of mineral resources, working with highly qualified staff and ensuring environmental care. For mining,ground and airborne geophysical surveys, coring and borehole geophysics, satellite imagery, geological modeling and reserve estimation, all of them performed with the aim of achieving an integrated interpretation of a mineral deposit.


Exploration methods used for Mining services: