Services: Groundwater


The importance of water as a vital and indispensable resource for life and use in countless human activities such as irrigation of crops, animal husbandry, energy production, determines the significance of studies for the characterization of water deposits underground. Water resources worldwide have been difficult to manage because of their sensitivity to pollution and over-exploitation.

GEOX is able to study the subsurface using geophysical methods applied by highly qualified personnel and advanced equipment to locate aquifers at different levels of depth and lithology, taking into account customer requirements, quality standards, hydrological factors and geological conditions.

The application of geophysical methods in the characterization of aquifers is the most efficient tool for the proper use of the resource because it represents a low environmental impact and is economically profitable. Prospection of ground water through geophysical methods allows mining, agricultural, oil and other industries tharnessing the vital resource in their operations and mitigating the risk of contaminating aquifers because of their activities.


Our services in the Groundwater area involve the following airborne or ground technologies: