Métodos de Exploración: Magnetic


This is a geophysical method of natural field which measure the magnetic field of the Earth and determine the alterations applied by the magnetism of the various rocky bodies. Being a natural field method, it offers the advantage of requiring only a receptor during acquisition and very few personnel. However, as the magnetic field is avector, the conditions for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of data have levels of complexity compared with the gravitational fields which is treated as a scalar. Its data acquisition is possible on ground, marine and airborne.

Magnetometry is widely used in basement characterization studies for oil and a widespread of applications in studies for metallic mineral deposits exploration. As gravimetry, it is performed on profiles and maps and it can be run simultaneously along with gravimetry. Most software available for quality control, processing and interpretation of these data assume the simultaneous construction of geological models from gravity and magnetic data, which improves the reliability of the products generated.


The Magnetic Method is used when providing the following services: